Different ways to record Time & Attendance

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Biometric time clocks are the latest technologies to record time and attendance. They allow companies to accurately record the time that their employees arrive and leave work.
Because the data is logged in a central computer, Different reports can be generated from the ClockReportsXE software.... reports include the ability to monitor if employees are working too many long hours which may endanger themselves and others, monitor patterns of absenteeism and reduce the admin and HR time that older traditional time keeping methods require.
Let´s take a look at the different types of biometric clocking-in machines available on the market...


Biometric Fingerprint Machines

Fingerprint scanners are the most common type of biometric fingerprint machine. They scan a part of the fingerprint which is then logged against a serial number template in a central database making it possible to accurately identify authorised personnel.
This technology is now widely accepted, but there are different types of fingerprint readers on the market, the low cost readers may struggle with damaged or worn fingerprints making them great for offce staff but not so good with construction sites. 
The more expensive readers we stock will read anybodies fingerprint because they scan beneath the surface of the users skin and so offer unparalled reading ability and security from fake fingers.

Biometric clocking in systems have several functions beyond time keeping capabilities. They cut down on HR admin time which can be put to use elsewhere and they save between two to five per cent of payroll cuts. They can also linked directly to accounts in order to accurately calculate wages and overtime and export to Sage and Quickbooks payroll packages. 

They also come with optional ClockReportsXE Ultimate sophisticated software that provides all kinds of useful data including fire roll call and remote punch reporting.


Handswipe Biometric Time Attendance Systems

Handswipe biometric time attendance systems involves scanning a person´s palm so that when they hold their hand up to a scanner it grants them access to the building or for authorised personnel a restricted part of the work premises.

Because the scanner has a larger palm area to read, they are less restricted by dirt, dust and grease so are suitable for work places that have dirty conditions.
They are however old technology and do not offer anywhere near the security or usability that our new Trustone LES finger sensors have.
Handscanners are also very expensive and limited in the number of users and sercurity of users enrollment.
Our advice is upgrade to the new Trustone technology it will save your wallet, improve your security and reduce your headaches.


Iris Scan Biometric Systems

Iris scanners are the latest in biometric security systems using the latest military technologies. Because of the airtight security features they are generally used for places of work that demand high-levels of security.


As with other biometric time attendance systems they accurately record the times your employees arrive and leave work, but they can also be used to record the whereabouts of your employees if installed throughout a building with restricted areas.


These sophisticated machines negate the need for keys, cards or fobs that can be lost or stolen. Likewise there is no requirement for a pass card or code that can be forgotten or passed to other people with the intention of stealing sensitive or top secret documents. The only person who can access a room that is protected by an iris scanner is the individual who was originally enrolled in the system.
This technology however comes at a much higher price tag, but if you need security we have the right Iris scanning solutions for you. 


Facial Recognition Biometric Machines

Facial recognition biometric machines record a digital image or video frame of a person´s face. When the scanned individual requests access through a protected doorway the system compares selected features from the images stored in a central database.


Advancements in facial recognition technology allows the biometric machines to capture 3D images which records the shape of the face which measures distinctive features such as the contours of the nose, chin and eye sockets.

Our ZKtech facial recognition terminals are fast, very easy to use and will work in complete darkness.
There are no needs to worry about dirty hands just walk up to the terminal and look into the camera and it will instantly recognise you.
Fantastic, afordable and easy to use!

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