ClockReports Additional Software Activation Key for computers

ClockReports Additional Software Activation Key for computers
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ClockReports customers with a licenced copy of our software can obtain additional software activation keys to unlock trials to full versions on new or existing computers 

Please change the Qty value prior to adding to your cart to match the number of software activations you require.

Only for customers with a previously activated version of ClockReports!

Notes when ordering your additional software activation...

On your current previously activated software (if you have it on a different PC) we need to find out your software's original registration number please go to the 'Support' tab in the XE software (or 'help > activate' drop down menu) on your computer then press the 'Subscription Info' button to display your software's details if you have a registration number please provide it, if you don't then you must provide your time clocks serial number.

The time clock serial number can usually be found in 3 places... under the 'Setup Device' button on the 'Home' tab page in the XE software, directly on the barcode label on the back of the device or from the system info screen in the devices LCD screen menu

The serial number is very important its the serial number of the first time clock device you add to the software, the activation key we provide is locked to the serial number. Make sure you give us the correct serial number! 

Once your purchase has been verified we will enable the new activation key on our server within 24 hours, usually less, and we will email you an order complete notification.

After you receive the order complete email notification please use the following instructions...

1. Restarting software
2. Go to the Help > Activate ClockReports drop down menu.
3. In the new window enter your company name and email then click the activate button and wait a minute.

The software should now activate and you will need to restart the software from the desktop icon.

TROUBLESOOTING:  Make sure you have added the time clock to the device setup window from the home page tab and also your firewall is not blocking our software and your computer is connected to the internet.

Always update your software from the support section on our website as older unsupported versions may not activate, the update is available free of charge.

If you need extra support to activate then please contact us through our Help Desk ticket system here

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