ClockReports Dynamic IP / DNS Box

ClockReports Dynamic IP / DNS Box
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The ClockReports Dynamic IP Address DNS Box is designed to work with remote sites that do not have a fixed internet IP address.

Simply connect this box to the remote sites router and it will allow a ClockReportsXE Advanced or ClockreportsXE Ultimate system to connect to the remote sites time clock even if the internet IP address changes.


  • ClockReportsXE customers with a licenced copy of our XE software and a valid Advanced or Ultimate subscription.
  • A remote site with one of our networked time clocks or a license for a 3rd party supplied time clock.
  • The remote site has a broadband or mobile internet router with dynamic internet IP address and port forwarding to the time clocks IP address

Please change the Qty value prior to adding to your cart to match the number of software activations / PC installs you require.

Only for customers with a previously activated version of ClockReports and valid subscription!

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